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    Hello Everyone,

    I've looked around a bit and didn't see anyone else with this exact idea.
    (well someone brought up a somewhat similar request here)


    I (and I assume some of you too) have a bad habit of closing cards that I didn't really want to close, especially when multitasking. (ex: listening to podcast or pandora while checking email and having multiple browsers open) I inadvertently swipe up on something I didn't really want to close (who doesn't like swiping away stuff?).

    Request: Make the swipe Down gesture (which does nothing but bounce the card back to the center) lock a card in place so it cant be up-swiped / closed.

    If possible, this patch could also incorporated what the other patch request wants by making a keypress + down swipe lock a card to where it can't be interacted with (besides tapping for full screen).

    [edit: for clarification]
    For both of the above, when the card bounces back into view, the card is still visible & can be tapped to make full screen.
    Swiping a card down again would release the lock.


    I'd love to hear your thoughts / comments.
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    Seriously doubt the possibility of this patch but it would be great if it was
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    What do you think would be the biggest hold up in enabling something like this?

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