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    I use my stock Pre headphones to watch videos at work and I'd really like it if I could pause/play with the headset button. Anyone know if this is possible?
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    Any thoughts?
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    So... I guess this isn't possible?
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    +1. I comment once I realize I want it in action.
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    I like the idea of the bounty system for patches...

    I don't have a ton of money to spend though... however I will promise a $10 USD donation to the person who can make this patch happen.

    I would like the patch be able to pause video playback with one click of the headset button. I would also like one click to resume playback, and if at all possible I would like the resume fuction to wake the screen if it had gone off.
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    I don't think patches for headphone buttons have been made at all...i don't know if they can be made
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    I know other apps are able to use the function as I use it all the time in DrPodder.

    I just don't know how hard it would be to get into the video app and tell it to listen for whatever the "headphone button click" event is and then tell it what to do.

    Since it currently does nothing in the video app it certainly shouldn't conflict with a function already there.

    EDIT: There may not be any headset button patches now, but there was at one point one for Pandora... so we know it is at least possible. haha
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    One last bump, just in case a DEV out there with the knowledge to make this happen has missed it before. haha
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