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    It just seems logical to me and maybe only me, that all of my 38 installed patches should be native features in WebOS.

    Has it been ever considered, at high enough ranks internally at Palm or maybe even HP, to include some patches natively?

    Jason, might you be able to comment?
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    From a business sense it's all dependent on what the largest number of people in the target audience would use the phone for and if the patches could safely be added to the software/hardware.

    You don't want the average person feeling a phone is too complex to use but at the same time you want them to have the most pleasurable experience.

    Think about it, do you think that most Pre's are overclocked and patched? Quite a few people out there like the phone the way it is.
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    I do think that the phone should have at least been clocked at 800Mhz out of the box and that Outlook/Exchange Wifi Syncing should have been standard. I hated having to buy Chapura Pocket Mirror for 40 bucks. Things like Call History During Call, Flashlight, the ability to navtively switch between icon layouts of 3x4, 4x4, 5x5 should have also been standard...

    maybe some others as well?
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    I guess I would expect the engineers would be the best to decide what the processor speed should be to maximize longevity, as well as lesson the likelyhood of overheating or freezes/shutdowns...that being said having the option to overclock should be available in this exact format: to the power users willing to research and take extra steps to understand (atleast basically) how it works and how it may affect your device.

    I would think HP peeps would be fools not to consider adding some of the more popular patches to the next major WebOS version and/or HPalm device. If everybody in the patching community adds a certain function such as text forwarding (can you believe we initially did not have that feature????) then you have to believe they want to include it. I think they probably already, or shall in the future, print out a list of the patches and amount of downloads for each to review when considering overhaul of this OS.

    Remember the people that develop these things are the type of people that thrive on forums and other techie gossip avenues just like this one.
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    they need ot incorporate most of them just to get webOS up to feature parity with Centro/Treo.

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