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    It would be nice a patch that would turn on data, lets say, each 15 minutes for a minute in order to get email, facebook notifications, twitter notification, etc., and after that, the data would turn off again.

    That would be great to save battery and still get notifications.
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    It'd be near impossible to get every single app to check for updates/notifications/email/etc at the SAME TIME that the data is turned on. And since patches can't access more than one app with 1.4.5 it's not like you can have one patch edit all these other programs so that they all update in sync. Also, the patch would have to be able to check and see if the data isn't being used before shutting it off, so that it doesn't cut off an update or a notification.

    Nevertheless, this would be a sick patch but I don't think it'd be possible. Maybe as a separate application?

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