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    I wasn't sure if we could patch the facebook app, but there is at least a patch to keep it from refreshing.

    the way it works on the full facebook website is that you open the notifications by pressing on the icon, then when you press again to close it, all notifications are marked as read, and the number badge goes away. I'd like it to work the same way in the facebook app and the beta app.
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    +1 That is one thing is SO completely annoying about the FB app!!!
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    It's coming soon. Be patient. You gotta be lucky dude. Whenever iPhone or Android get updates, it's so rare that it like makes the front page of engadget everytime. We get updates and they're like yeah it's about that time no big deal.

    Trust me it's usually worth the wait.
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    Next version is going to have it, as confirmed by developers on Facebook.
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    ok, so it's in the new beta(1.2.30)... Though I think my idea of how to do it was better but the number badge does not clear yet, not till I relaunch the program

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