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    I have noticed that as my Pre has aged the on/off button has become a lot "stickier," making my device much harder to wake the device. Normally, that is not a problem as I can simply open the slider. However, when I am in my car my Pre sits in a cradle which prevents me from sliding opening the keyboard. If I want to wake the device to change a podcast, song, etc. it is very difficult to do so.

    I was wondering if there is/could be a patch to enable the center button (I have a Sprint Palm Pre) to wake the device? This would be very helpful for all of us whose Pre's are getting long in tooth and are having difficulty with the on/off button; thanks.
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    apparently this is impossible. I have asked for a patch that uses the volumes keys to wake the device (offered to donate $20 dollars) but no one has taken up the challenge. If more people feel they want this and offer to donate it may get done????????

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