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    hi every one very new just had my pre about a month now. some of the apps on here look real cool. haveing trouble with the webos quick install cant get anything to work for me. when i download it it just flashes on then off my computer screen tried every thing. if any one could help that would be great thanks clint
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    You should post your request for help in the thread that was created for the app or patch that you are needing help with.

    Try doing a search for webos quick install and then find the official thread created by the developer. Reading through the official thread will not only put you in the right place... but may answer your questions before you even ask them...
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    In case you cant follow the link i posted.
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    hey clint, welcome!

    as noted above, the best place to start, and if you still have problems after reading all of it, post a question on webOS QI is in the official thread

    for you you should probably go over this it's a troubleshooting guide put together by the illustrious Mr. Canuck.

    that said maybe I can add a few thoughts

    some key things you need to make it work include

    your pre needs to be in developer mode

    your pre has to be in "just charge" and NOT usb.

    I think the second thing often screw people up because it dosnt seem intuitive.

    anyway even if you get it all working, be sure to read the instructions anyway. There is all kinds of important info that might just save you a major headache down the line.

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