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    I have no idea how hard this would be to do. but one of the things I miss from my EVO is the dialer searching my contacts. while looking at the main dialer screen, if you were to be able to just start tryping a number and then a list of contacts appears that shortens as you type in more numbers and less contacts match that number(or name), but it doesnt just search numbers. like 666 would find "mom" and any numbers with 666 in it, but I think it also found a last name such as "ham[mon]d", 7425 would find "rick" or any name having the correct key sequence somewhere in the name, etc...

    screen isnt that big so not sure how much youd have to have the dialer shrink to be able to have the scrollable list of contacts, but I think there is enough room.
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    can't you already do this?
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    The pre and pixi have this, sortof. doesnt work with numbers though, you would have to type in names. and since the pre and pixi have dedicated qwerty, typing 666 would be like typing ggg.(since 6 and g are same button). this would only work on a normal dialpad where 6 corresponds with letter "MNO", i did try it with the on screen dialer that has a phonelike dialpad and just types in the number instead of coressponding letter.
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    yeah, I know I can drop down the keyboard and search names, but if I press the orange key and type numbers it finds nothing. and it would be nice to not have to open the keyboard and be able to dial only the first few numbers and find the right number to dial.

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