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    Sorry to be a nag, but I don't want my contact info defaulting to a facebook users info cos sometimes the info they add is wrong. For instance, mobile phone numbers, sometimes the '+' is not added and renders the info useless or the birthday field is entered wrong.

    So I would like a patch, if possible, that allows the info to be added from the cloud but then allows me to edit the contact fields?
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    It seems majority of the people don't understand the importance of putting the + sign before their mobile numbers. This is specially true for people in the US and to make matters worse they don't put their country code either, thus making the whole syncing with Facebook kind of useless. Palm on top of that chooses to make the Facebook synced info as the primary info in linked contacts via synergy. Is it really that difficult for people in the US to understand the universal mobile standard of dialling phone numbers?

    +1 (555) 555-5555 Now how difficult is that?

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