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    I have noticed the shocking fact that there does not appear to be any way to answer a Pixi besides hitting the on-screen "Answer" icon.

    Personally, I have had my screen freeze-up a number of times such that I am unable to actually press the green icon in time, before the call is missed. I imagine that the patch would work best if a particular button was tasked with "answer" (for example, the "return" key), as opposed to any keyboard button at all.

    If I have missed an obvious feature that is already provided, please let me know! Otherwise, this is something that I would find extremely useful (and I'm sure others would as well).

    Note: I am personally a PHP programmer with experience in several other languages (most recently objective C for iPhone development). Are there any good programming resources for developing patches? I have dug around a bit and am having a tough time finding any reference material for building a simple patch like this on my own.
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    is it possible to patch the pixi so that pressing the space bar answers a call?

    does 'keyboss' provide this functionality?

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