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    I made this patch awhile back in response to a thread request but it seems it may have gotten lost in the oldness of the thread. Note the background image in the attached images is from a theme I had at the time and is not part of the patch. I seen a recent thread about having something like the 4x4 launcher for the browser start page so I thought perhaps the patch should have a discussion thread. Each of these patches has an overlay image to replace the start page overlay image for the icons (it's what makes the rounded corners look for the icons. In landscape mode there is space at the top side for compatibility with other patch(es).

    Known issues:

    The icon and not the text has to be tapped in order to visit the bookmarked pages. I have not been able to figure out what prevents it from working when the name is tapped. The tap is recognized because the overlay changes as feedback to show that it was. From the code it appears to me that tapping the text should also load the page but it doesn't. Because of this the listview style may be difficult for some users to use.

    Conflicts with any other patch that also increases the number of bookmarks visible on the start page. If this becomes a problem for too many users I will change the patch to not alter that line of code.


    Any method currently available to apply ".patch" files. I used webOS Quick Install. Also any method currently available for replacing the ".png" overlay image file located at:


    Make sure to reboot or do a luna restart after for the changes to appear if one was not already done as a result of the method used to install.

    Please backup the original overlay image unless you prefer to replace the custom one using webOS Repair Utility or manually extracting it from the doctor and replacing it if later deciding to remove the patch.


    Remember to replace the custom overlay image with the original overlay image and remove the patch using the same thing it was installed with. Make sure to reboot or do a luna restart after so that the original look is seen when opening the browser.


    Can the patch be added to preware feed to be installed like other patches?

    Last I checked this is not possible due to both an image needing replaced and a patch applied. If a custom packaging method becomes available to be able to apply both via preware then please do let me know so I can make it available in this way.
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    As requested: for my works on webOS patches and apps. Twitter: @larryboytw Patches: Small icons browser start page, 5x5 launcher. I have an AAS CIS Programming degree. I enjoy working on open source projects and alpha and beta testing. for easy to get up and running for patches and apps.

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