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    every time I go to the photos app I am hit with a long list. The majority of the results are from the album art in the /media/internal/music folder. Is there some way to remove this folder from being scanned by the Photos application?
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    If you use a program like MediaMonkey or Handbrake to retag your media files, it will prevent this, then you can just remove them.

    Alternatively, you can just USB your phone, go into the files and prepend each file name with a . this tells your Pre to basically ignore/hide the file. It can take some time, but will prevent them flooding your photos!
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    yeah I saw that those were options in the forum, but another post suggested that if you load all your music into the amazon mp3 folder they are skipped. I was hoping that someone could find out how that folder is skipped and add another exception to the list.
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    Well, all the hidden files and folders use the . in WebOS. You might be able to do it, just by putting them in a separate folder and then prepending the entire folder name with a .

    There is a hidden wallpapers folder and others that can only be found if you set your computer to show all hidden files and folders and that is how it is done, they named it .wallpapers, instead of just wallpapers, like the regular one that you can see and put your own files into.
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    I don't use the music player app, but this is the same retardedness throughout all of the standard WebOS apps (photos, pdf viewer, video, etc).

    Palm should really allow you to configure apps (with a default already there, of course) to only search certain areas of the filesystem, and to be able to go to a one-off location on the fly. That every palm app looks at everything on /media/internal for photos, pdfs, music, whatever, with no way to specify where to go (or a defined default) is ridiculous.

    I assume it's to make things 'easy' for people who don't grasp the concept of a filesystem. At some point, you have to just leave the people who don't get it behind, because they are holding everyone else down, and making things unusable for those who really *do* want to enjoy using their devices.

    Let's hope they open up the default launch action menu beyond what they have already so that we can replace handlers with apps that behave the way that we want them to. Or fix their own apps. Both would be nice.
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