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    After reading the comments on this article:

    Why Photography Bullying is Illegal, and You Don't Have to Take It

    It seems it is illegal to record audio when shooting video of a cop. I think it would be cool if we can make a patch that allows video only recording with no audio. Maybe a button that can toggle audio recording on/off in the video camera app?

    Just a thought. Seems it would get around the law.

    <-- Had bad experiences with cops when I was a kid.
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    Police encounters happen in public space. there should be no expectation of privacy or anything else preventing full audio and video recording of them.

    What would be nice, if we can't get a full QIK app going, would be a streamlining of the video recording process. A single icon that can be pressed to launch the video recorder, start recording, and automatically upload to YouTube or your site of choice when stopped or closed. That way it is very hard for the cops to delete the video if they confiscate the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    It seems it is illegal to record audio when shooting video of a cop.
    The comments are wrong. I have my own photography business as a second income, and I have encountered this stuff many times.

    It is 100% absolutely and always, COMPLETELY LEGAL to record still images, sound and/or video of anyone you want, provided the following are BOTH true:

    1. It's a public place. Publicly owned AND open to the general public, (not just one or the other) That means that sidewalks, city parks, etc are all legal. Shopping mall rent-a-cops, as the article suggested, DO have the right to make you put your camera away because even though malls are open to the public, they are privately owned. Likewise, military bases and secured areas at airports are off limits, because while they are publicly owned, they are not open to the general public.

    2. You're not violating other laws. For example, there are municipalities where witnessing a crime and not doing anything about it is a crime itself. So, while you wouldn't be breaking the law by recording the crime, you would be breaking the law by not setting down the stupid camera and either helping, or calling for help. A cell phone dialing 911 in your left hand while the camera is in your right hand, and you'd be just fine.

    You meet both of those criteria, and you have free reign to record whatever the heck you want. There are of course, MANY other sitations where you are allowed to, but you are ALWAYS

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