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    Is it possible to make a patch that keeps the WiFi antenna turned on, but not constantly looking for networks? This would be useful to make a quick connection when needed, but preserve the battery life. It could start searching for the networks when the options menu was opened, specifically when the WiFi button was tapped.
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    Again, I think this is another great idea you have.

    Of particular use (for me) would be this patch in conjunction with the Mode Switcher app (found in these forums). I have three modes that use the WiFi Network names as triggers. In my car I'm Wall Charging it, so I have WiFi off for my Car Mode. And when I get out of my car, 2 out of 3 times I'm at a destination that uses a WiFi name trigger, so my default mode has WiFi enabled. So for these times when I leave my car, it goes to Default, WiFi comes on, detects, the name, then immediately switches to another mode. But for the times when I'm somewhere else (going to the store, in class, etc.), it goes to the default mode and stays there, since there are no WiFi networks triggering other modes. Because of this, and not wanting WiFi on when I'm not using it, I'll usually force it back to the Car Mode, or something like that.

    But, that is exactly where a patch like this would be great! That way after the initial (maybe 1-5 minutes) of it coming on, if it hasn't found anything, it goes back off. That would be an awesome patch!
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    How do you know that it actually is looking for networks all the time?
    If you don't want it to look for networks (actively or passively) for what purpose do you want to keep wifi on then?

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