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    Hey guys the universal search in WEB OS is really poor but remember that the reason why we were able to search the contacts in the Palm OS phones was due to 3er party applications like tealphone etc. Palm OS core applications never provided that kind of search capabilities.

    That is the one and only reason why I have classic loaded in the PRE so I am able to search my contacts with tealphone.

    What we really need is a patch or a 3rd party application which will allow WEB OS user to search the contact data base entirely regardless of were the info is store i.e. contact notes, phone number, last name etc.

    I would like to see a search engine that will search all fields in the contact data base so users can find information store there.

    Thank you
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    It is amazing to me than after more than two years we are still not able to search all contact fields? and the only tool available to us "CLASSIC WITH A 3ER PARTY APPLICATION" is going away.
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    universal search isnt poor at all. LOL

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