I am a sign language interpreter and I have a lot of recurring events in my calendar. I would like to have the option to have a change made or a delete event option to apply to THIS AND ALL FUTURE EVENTS. Sometimes the start time of a recurring event changes and if I go to change it, my only option is ALL EVENTS, which applies it to all of the events, past and future. This is a hassle since I use the calendar to track jobs that I do and they are billed by start/end times. I need the start times of past events to be unaffected by changes to all future events. The same applies to recurring events that are cancelled. If I delete the event using delete all, it deletes all of them, past and future. I would like to keep the events that have already occurred in my calendar and just delete the recurring events in the future that have yet to occur. Hopefully this makes sense and someone can create this patch. I used Agendus on all of my previous Palm devices and this feature was "standard" on my calendar. If someone DOES develop this patch, please let me know what you name it so I can search for it. THANK YOU!