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    A few minor tweaks that I would love to see with the browser.

    - Reorder Bookmarks [whether in icon or list mode]

    - "Always On" Refresh Button [so that you can refresh at any time without scrolling or opening the slider]

    - Volume Up/Down buttons for scrolling: Im thinking specifically that holding down the Up/Down buttons would jump to the top/bottom of the page, again to minimize the need to scroll.

    - Open All Links in New Card. This has been suggested before too, but it makes so much sense to me.
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    -Reorder bookmarks, can be moved/edited/deleted in the list view just fine.

    -"Always on" refresh button... isn't it already always on? I have the full screen patch but I always see the refresh and back buttons and thought that was the norm.

    - Volume buttons are not currently accessible by anything but the OS, same with the opal button the the regular Palm Pre.

    - Personally I can visit 10-20 pages at one time, as most other people probably do, I'd hate to open 10-20 cards just to close them right away. And Orange + Click works just fine as it is. I'd imagine after a day of it this patch would get really really old.
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    there is already a browser patch that turns the space bar into a page down key and the enter or backspace key into a return to the top key
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    Wasn't there a patch at one time to keep the browser from refreshing automatically after you bring it back from a card? That's what tends to annoy me...
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