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    I have my pre on my touchstone (mounted in car) on a daily basis. When I first got my pre answering incoming calls while plugged into the headphone jack was nice because it allowed me to talk to my caller and hear them on my car's speakers. Now this feature does not work with recent palm updates. Instead, when I answer a call while my pre is on the touchstone and plugged into the headphone jack I cannot speak or hear the caller until after I yank the headphone jack out.

    Any takers on this patch request?

    Comment below if you feel this would be useful.

    Thanks to all the hard work from our awesome homebrew community!
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    check preware in the patches because there is a patch that allows you to be on speaker while you have the headset jack in and it wont automatically hang up
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    I want this too. I thought API access to the MIC was needed to make this happen.
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