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    This might be a request for a new patch altogether or could use a combination of current patches with some modifications included.

    I am using some of the messaging and email patches which allow for an extended, set vibration time. I currently use the ones that allow 2 seconds for email, and 5 seconds for messaging. I have seen several patches, though, each of which offers a different set time for the phone to vibrate for each different event, and there are a multitude of different times available, each of which currently requires the process of removing one patch and installing a different one followed by a reboot to change the amount of time the phone vibrates.

    My idea or suggestion would be to create a patch that would allow the user to select the amount of vibrate time for each event. I don't know if this could be done as a single patch for all the different events, or if this might require a separate patch for each event, such as one for messaging, one for email, etc.

    The idea I am thinking would be to use either a drop-down menu selection or maybe a slider like what volume controls use in order to set the amount of vibrate time desired for each particular event. The drop-down menu selection or slider could then be changed to a different desired time on the fly. This would eliminate having to remove one patch with one set time and then have to install a different one with the new desired time and would eliminate having to reboot everytime this needs to be changed.
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    Another idea is maybe add the option to select different vibrate times &/or vibrate patterns (ala morse code style patterns) for different people.
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    And this would also allow patch authors to not have to maintain so many patches that require updating everytime there is a WebOS update. Just one main patch, or one for each type of event that can allow for changeable selection of vibration variables on the fly.
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    Trust me. If I could have done this, then I would have.

    It's possible, but I just don't have the skill (yet) to do this.

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