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    I just got the keyboard fixed this morning...I plug my palm pre to my pc and click usb the need to delete the VKB theme and configuration and also the virtual keyboard file....delete them first....then....unplug the usb port from the pc, and use wifi....opening preware and re-download and re-install the VKB and the virtual keyboard, restart the luna and it should be running properly then....I did just that..and it works for me....^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by egaudet View Post
    I guess I need to just make the popup message a little more clear.

    USE PREWARE always

    Remove the VKB , remove the package titled "VKB Default Themes and Configuration"... reinstall, restart luna.
    I could not get this to work until I realized that you meant reinstall "VKB Default......" then reinstall VKB. Once I tried that everything fell into place and now I have a working virtual keyboard.

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