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    So this has been an issue for a long time now. The way Facebook posts event times from the calendar borks syncing with the webOS calendar. Some examples:
    Facebook Calendar Sync: Time offset issue? - Palm Support Community

    There's a WOSI page somewhere too. The issue has to do with Facebook not going by standards. It reports times based on the timezone of the requesting server. So all events are based on Pacific time (all +2 hours from me in Central).

    Yes, Facebook needs to go standard and a number of people have yelled at them for it since it doesn't just impact webOS. In the meanwhile, is there a way to patch this to automatically correct Facebook events by +/- how many hours you are from Sunnyvale?

    Edit: And in two threads addressed to Palm, they've stated they're aware of the issue. Apparently their stance is not to "fix" it on their end and make things non-standard. They're instead waiting for Facebook to take care of it proper.
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    would seem like its an easy patch for some brilliant developer, cmon guys!
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    One good bump deserves another. Could someone more savvy at least comment? Kind of surprised no one's done it or discussed it.
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    I'd still really like to know if this is possible. It's been well over a year... I've seen only a few recent threads, how can people not be more upset by this? This Homebrew community is absolutely amazing and something this simple seems worthy of a patch
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    The annoying part is that Palm actually fixed this problem in the Facebook app itself, but for some reason whoever is working on Synergy hasn't applied that fix to the calendar app too. It kinda sucks
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    this would be great to have sorted.
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    Judging by their stance ("it's something FB needs to address to get up to standards, not us"), they probably don't mind fixing it in the app where they can flip the switch back very easily with an app update. But they likely don't want to go messing with ROM updates to fix it.

    Sooo, anyone? Any thoughts out there? Even a nudge at what branch of the file system to look at to get a brother started?

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