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    paging 2slow or... somebody.

    is it possible for something like this? something similar to the "scrim multi v2"? you know... for folks making their own splash card (loading-card-scrim.png) for non-native apps and splash cards for appropriately named native apps (browser, photos, email, etc)?

    self-customization... ftw?

    edit: cutting/pasting something from my second post in this thread for clarification...

    "all scrims can be done with overwriting via terminus, but i'm assuming the other scrims patches were made to simplify things. "

    it is possible for to backup native app splash cards (not the icons that appear on splash cards) and paste the new ones in their respective folders, but this also applies for other scrims. just looking for an easier method.

    sorry for the confusion.
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    i just did this myself. i sent a png named "loading-card-scrim" to usr/palm/sysmgr/images and it worked super cool after reboot. im fine without a patch
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    i've done that myself as well. have you done this for native apps (see previous post)? a little more work than copying the one file you mentioned.

    all scrims can be done with overwriting via terminus, but i'm assuming the other scrims patches were made to simplify things.
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    I went to all the apps directory's that don't use the splash image from /usr/palm/sysmgr/images and replaced images one by one. It was a pain, but it allowed me to use differeent images for several different apps...
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    if you sent the image to usr/palm/sysmgr/images it won't replace most of the stock apps splash screens like the browser and all that.
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    So I JUST figured out to change native app splash screen images, and saw your thread looking for help while I was trying to figure it out. Its really easy!

    After reading many different parts of threads & blogs...I found this:

    Using internalz app go to:
    - /usr/palm/applications

    ..then choose whatever app you want to find the icon for "" "" and so on.

    Then swipe down to find "icon-256x256.png"

    Tap it and copy to /media/internal

    Plug into PC, open file with photoshop, change as wanted, then send back to "/usr/palm/applications/ (or the appropiate app) then luna restart.

    Works like a charm, and remember to save a copy of the file if you want to change back

    hope that helps
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    Forgot to mention to use webosqui to send file back to phone
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    edited original post. sorry for the confusion.
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    oops, sorry, just got excited to help, LOL
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    Are you looking to make one image for all.
    hope so lol. I could look in to this.
    one image for almost all splash screens should be ez
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