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    I have a Palm Pre and my wife has a Palm Pixi both on Sprint. I have patched both of our phones but she keeps asking me if I could request a patch for her Pixi that would enable her to turn her phone on, to the unlock screen, using the volume keys. Where she always sets it on her desk at work the power button isn't readily accessible without picking up the phone but the volume keys are. She has a nice case which stops the volume keys from being pressed in her pocket.

    I thought that because the volume keys have already been added to the take a picture patches that it wouldn't be too difficult to do. I have been trying to learn more about this stuff and get my hands dirty and I could possibly do it myself soon but was wondering if someone could help me out and work one up real quick.

    Thanks in advance,
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    hmmmm . . . this also might help the people who are having problems with the power button working. I like this idea.

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    I think you'd have a problem with it turning itself on and doing random actions if you could unlock it from the volume buttons. It might be a pocket dialing disaster
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    or a code you can type to turn on the screen. Ex. Type ON and the pixi screen comes on
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    Stu5797, I like that idea as well. Some other way to turn the screen on would be nice. Even if there were a couple different ways then people could decide which ones they like and would use the most often.

    SFHandyman, You are right that if it was unlocked it could do weird things but I am only asking for the screen to turn on. The user would still have to drag the unlock circle upwards. This would keep the phone locked and prevent weird actions from happening.

    Hopefully someone could take a look at this.
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    Fits in with the Palm philosophy of having multiple ways of completing tasks. I like it!
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    Totally agree on the typing "on" on the keyboard or even a password thats picked.
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    really need this for my pre as I've lost my power button - real pain to have to open the slider everytime - I would even pay a dev $20 dollars to do this!!!!!!
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    +1, just got a pixi and this would be ideal!
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    why does use the center key for pre
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    yes, I love this idea (either by volume or any keyboard key is okay). At least just show the lock screen to avoid any unnecessary presses. Any developers willing to help us pixi plus owners? I'm just afraid that the power button on the pixi will just break every time I turn it on.
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    I also have a pre with broken power button, really need this patch. Devs, it possible?

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