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    Recently my phone has been acting slow and over-heating. I decided to do a partial reset because I heard that doing so may help my phone run better. However, I forgot to take my patches off before I reset my phone. Now, when I open Preware, it's not recognizing the patches that were on my phone before the reset. I tried using EPR but that didn't work either. Does anyone know how I can remove these patches? Since theres an update coming soon... I would like to be able to get rid of them before I update.

    On the bright side, the patrial reset did help my phone a ton. It's running much smoother and not over-heating anymore!
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    I'm not sure how to help you out with the patch problem, although - did you use the "Saved Package List" ability in Preware? Its not 100% obvious, but if you go there and hit "Update" it stores a list of the patches that are installed. Later, you should be able to go back to that screen, hit the "Install All" button, and be back where you started. Might be too late to help you, but if its working as it should, that would be what you wanted to do.

    Its interesting to hear that a partial reset has helped you out - my phone is doing the same thing. Weird slowness, over-heating at random times, and there have even been a few times that the radio has taken to turning itself off and on over and over...

    I've been using Pre Backup Utility, although I have yet to need to Restore from one...
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    If the above doesn't work, you could try the Emergency Reconstruction Utility. Just type Emergency in the List of everything in Preware to find it.

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