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    I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove a button I added to the Universal Search. I just installed the IMDB add-on found here:

    The patch installed successfully, and I followed the instructions precisely on how to add in the IMDB picture to the Universal Search. Unfortunately, the button doesn't show up, and in its place is a blank space. Is there a way to delete this button using wosqi? Thanks!
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    Go to installed patches from Preware and remove it from there.

    I don't have the IMDB patch installed, but aren't you supposed to place the image file somewhere? Maybe I'm mistaken.
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    Thanks for responding! I ended up figuring it out though. The problem I faced was adding in the IMDB image using the 'Send File' option in WOSQI. Somehow I added a file that wasn't an image, or .png file. I just deleted that wrong file and added back in the correct image. Problem solved!

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