Hi everybody, I've got 2 ideas which can much simplify my life:

1) Voice mail button
I don't use it at all and frequently accidentally tap it calling that voice mail which doesn't work anyway. Is it possible to write a small patch to disable it or even hide at all?

2) Messages notifications:
As I understand that's the way how notification bar works: it gets divided in two parts, left of wich shows balloons with the number of different senders I've received the messages from, and right is displaying the beginning of the last message I received. BUT If I tap them they BOTH act the same way - the last message gets opened, the bar gets hidden away.
I suggest adding a new function to the LEFT part of the bar: If I tap it, current message preview dissapears and previous NEW message preview is shown. I get lots of crappy sms and that would help me to browse through a number of new messages without opening them.
RIGHT part of the notification bar keeps its original way of work.
That will add really convinient way of work with messages without affecting traditional functions.

Please coorect me if I'm wrong or this idea has already been discussed before.