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    I've never bothered to post before, I always find that someone else has posted the same questions I have and usually with a bit of searching I can avoid asking a question the answer to which is already there.

    Ive searched through the forums for a few days, and haven't found what I'm looking for.

    Is there any way to dictate what shows among your dashboard icons and what doesn't?

    I have been using several apps that run in the background all the time, with the small icon at the bottom of the dashboard. I only very rarely need to interact with these apps but need to have them running. If I swipe the notification away it of course closes the app and ceases its functionality.

    Is there any way to selectively hide certain icons in a sort of dashboard management app or patch? I still want dashboard notifications for SMS voicemails and such, but I want the apps I run hidden from view until the rare occasion once a month I need to interact with them.

    If there isn't already a solution, is there anyone willing to write a patch or app? Its certainly one I would be willing to pay for in the app catalog.
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    This functionality is the sort of thing that the app developer would have to code into the app. For example, in Preferences they could create an option saying:

    • Keep Running in the Background? YES/NO
    • Show Dashboard Icon? YES/NO

    As an end-user I'm afraid you don't have any control over this, unless the app developer specifically gives you this option. There's currently no way to achieve what you're after (that I know of), but perhaps this is a good time to appeal to developers to allow us to choose whether or not we'd like to see the dashboard icon or not.

    PS. I don't think a workaround could be implemented as a patch, sorry.
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    Thats exactly what I was afraid of.

    It was worth asking though.

    I definitely think it should be a "best practice" for app developers to add that very functionality.


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