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    I have seen patch requests for a better Date Picker in the forums before but I would like to add some additional points and make it official. I can help develop this myself, but I would need significant assistance.

    I would like to have a patch that makes the Date Picker in the Calendar app much easier (quicker) to use. I would like to see the following enhancements:

    1. Display the day of the week (mon, tues, etc)
    2. Add Plus and Minus above and below each item to quicker select/increment each value. See picture for explanation.
    3. Add logic that monitors the direction of increment and adjusts am to pm or vice-versa. For example, if your start date says 11:00am but you change the 11 to a 1, it should automatically change the AM to PM.

    The picture I attached is just a rendering i did. Its not real.

    Anyone willing to get started on this with me, please contact me.
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    I'd like a little icon at the end which opens up a month view which you can flick left or right to move throug months and can simple tap the date. MUCH more efficient then picking the date and month the current way.
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    +1 and amen

    It would be enormously helpful, especially when rescheduling or copying events, to know that you are picking the third Monday of the month instead of having to go back to check the date in the calendar and then edit the event.
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    Interesting a good suggestions.

    Has anyone noticed there are no 5-day reminder option with reminder alarms. I noticed mine today only provides 1hr, 5hrs, and even 24hrs, but I can't be the only who needs a week prior reminder.

    Thanks, Sorli...
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    There are several patches out there that add additional calendar event reminder times. I haven't tried them because I generally don't use reminders, but you can search the forums for calendar event reminder times or something similar and you should find several options.
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    Try Ubercalander. It is a great patch that adds additional remainder times as well as numerous other enhancements.
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    I would love for UberCalendar to integrate my suggestions above into their patch. ehem.

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