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    hello people, iv not been on precentral in a while. I recently restored my pc ,which wiped everything including my bookmarks...i have had the 800 MHZ Kernel patch installed on my phone since it officially came out a while ago (with instructions from Caj). I am trying to uninstall it so I can try these other kernels I see on preware. The problem now is that the original thread that had all the install and uninstall procedures have been removed by the author (Caj). Could someone be as kind as to provide a proper uninstall procedure for me?....that will be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance
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    Try this one, I just did the same thing and switched to Uber Kernal like a week ago. Luckily I had this info saved in a word file for this occasion.

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall (from the linux command in Quick Install)

    You can then check the speed with this command in the same place

    cat /proc/cpuinfo.

    Good luck, hope that is what you were looking for.
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    Thanks man!..God bless you
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    No problem, very welcome.
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    It is also recommended that you should doctor your phone before attempting to install any of the kernels in Preware, if you had a previous OC kernel on your Pre.
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    I was just looking to do the same thing, thanks a ton!!
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    I was searching the forums for uninstall instructions, too, after the original post was removed.

    One note, though:

    I used the IPK to install the kernel, so my Bourne shell script was in a different location:


    So the command is:

    sh /usr/lib/luna/java/ uninstall

    BTW, if you want to find the patch from the command line, you can use the find command:

    find / -name 800* -print

    You'll need to change the search string from 800* if you have a different patch installed. Hope this helps.


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