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    I've given up on trying to fix it. maybe someone else can, and shed light to us users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackheadChris89 View Post
    This is very irritating. I've been trying to get FB chat to work on my Pre for a couple of hours straight now and had to hunt to even find this thread on the site. Now that I'm here it appears that nobody even cares to help people with this issue anymore and I am still getting a "Cannot connect to server" message after downloading and installing the second version of the patch. I'm ****ed. Have you guys given up on this site or what?
    Gave up on this months ago when it stopped working.
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    Any progress on this error?

    I made a few nslookups on, which DNS have a TTL of 120 seconds! This means every 2 minutes could points to a different IP, which seems to be the problem of using the host file for xmpp.

    A few IPs I saw in the last minutes:

    I think about using my v-server as a proxy to redirect all traffic on xmpp port to, did somebody tried this aready?
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    Maybe you should take a look at how Quickchat for Facebook connects to FB? Because that app still works (and is still supported too by the dev)
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    That would be an option; But I like integrated services, would be a good idea for other os's

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    I meant looking at the code of Quickchat for Facebook to see how he does it
    But you need to have bought the app in the App Catalog though. I have, maybe I'll take a look in the next few days.
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    Ahh I see Well, they will probably use, or even better the Facebook SDK; Nothing that works with this patch :/

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