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    I would like a patch that would turn off the 'Hold down the power button' to turn off device. I keep putting my phone in my pocket and the power button gets held down and the phone boings at me. when i pull it out and wake it up i am prompted with Turn phone off/ airplane mode/ cancel. The phone was asleep and locked, how can this happen! it's annoying!
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    wow ur probably the only guy that has this issue. keep ur hands off ur pocket ,simple
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    No, he's not. Some of us do leave the house every now and then, and in the course of living our lives, our phones get jostled. Happened to me last night in the car.
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    If it would be a good patch to disable the hold when screen is off. I think thats what you meant but didnt say it. So the Hold down only works when screen is on.
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    It happens mostly when the phone gets turned in my pocket. Because i keep it in the case that doesnt slide very easy, if i put it in my pocket wrong and it rotates 90' it presses on teh button. Or maybe i should keep my hands out of my pocket but either way i would like to see a patch for this. I know a few pple this happens to.

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