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    Hey everyone, just switched from a Centro to a Pixi on AT&T. I have two requests, one of which was an old hack.

    On my Centro, I had Pruss's Auto Num Lock hack, which had a set library which would trigger the num-lock to hold and would release. Basically, to type 12:45, I would press the opt key only once, and a space after the 5 would take the lock off. Is there a way to implement something similar?

    Lastly, I would rather die then have "Sent from my AT&T Palm Pixi" be my signature. Would anyone be able to whip up a patch to eliminate the default signature? I'm sure VZW guys have a similar problem (judging by email sent by my friends via BB).

    Thanks for the help!
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    This made me check. You can customize the signature for EACH email account you have. Just click on the field that says Signature.. and it's editable. You don't have to die for this, nor would you need a patch.

    Have a good day!
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    Every time I delete the signature, it magically comes back. I'm pretty sure it's forced in there.
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    Never mind, being the n00b I am it seems that when I deleted it it never saved. Got it to save.

    Anyway, anyone up for making an Auto Numlock patch? Is this possible?

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