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    Hey all, sorry if this already exists. Please point me to the right thread if it already does.

    Can someone whip something up (if even possible) to switch the functions of the shift and symbol key?

    I use multiple phones (Palm Pre Plus on VZW, Motorola basic phone for work on VZW, girlfriend's iPhone) and can't get used to the shift key and symbol key being in different spots of the 3 months I've had my Pre. Be nice so that those keys are in similar spots on each phone.

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    Wow that is quite the thread there. Read through it and think I could probably do it if push comes to shove, but that is a good bit more technically oriented than I had planned.

    There was talk in there about making the setkeycode switch (script) a patch. Anyone willing to take that on please? Also posting this question in the other thread.
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    I second this patch. It drives me crazy the placement of the two keys.
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    Thinking of buying a Pre 2 from SFR, and thirding (?) this patch
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    I would pay for this patch. Excellent idea.
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    Great idea, looking for this for a long time.

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