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    Ok, I tried several combinations to get a Device Menu with the features I want.

    I want:
    • Brightness
    • Flashlight
    • GPRS/Data mode

    I don't need:
    • Flightmode (??)

    Any working Patch to get this?

    A media control would be nice but not really necessary....

    edit: I don't remember all the combinations I tried, but what does not work:
    Device Menu Megamix
    Device Menu Megamix with Media Vol Control
    Device Menu Remix with Flashlight Control

    List to be continued...

    Why aren't they removed if they don't work??
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    I just figured out (actually I got that hint at that the misfunction probably is related to the language settings. I'll change it to English and give the Patches another try.

    Sorry for spreading my bad mood.
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    Ok, setting the language to English solved the problem.
    Thanks and sorry.

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