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    I was wondering if maybe someone could create a patch or maybe someone could edit the exsisting patch. I want to be able to have the Landscape messaging patch but I want it to work kinda like the Slide to Lock on Browser patch. So if I have the phone slid up and able to use the keyboard, the screen doesn't turn. If I have the phone shut, then it's free to turn whenever it wants.

    Sometimes I like using the virtual keyboard & other times I want to use the physical keyboard and if I'm laying down and texting, it turns sideways and bothers my focus. Haha. If someone make that, I'd appreciate it!! Thanks!!
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    This IS a great idea. I'd like this to happen with all apps (Text, Email, Web) that one MAY have/want/need to input text at times.

    Sometimes when I'm reading Texts, Emails, Forums, etc. in landscape, when I want to reply, and slide open the keyboard, many times the screen "sticks" and won't switch back.

    It would be great to _force_ the screen to switch back to portrait from landscape, when the keyboard is opened.

    Because, sometimes, it doesn't - and I feel like an ***** rocking the Pre back and forth trying to get the screen to change. ;-)
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    Agreed. This is a great idea.

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    I completely agree. I have been adding and removing the orientation patch for when i want to use it in landscape mode

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