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    I like the add date patch which adds the month and day next to the time. But I'm sure many of you have noticed with this patch that when you are running an app with a long title, the app menu will overlap the date. See below.

    I have OCD so this is extremely annoying to me. So, I created this patch to shrink the app menu down to accommodate for this.

    I created this using Jason's UnifiedDiffCreator.

    Tested and working on webOS (sprint). This works perfectly with the patch "Add date - MM/DD". Please post here if a different add date patch doesn't jive as well.

    Available via Preware.

    2010-06-21: Submitted to Preware
    2010-07-30: Approved in Preware
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    Seems to work great on my verizon pre!
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    Works perfect on my sprint pre! I have the mm.dd and am/pm patch combo installed. This is a great patch to coincide with UTBIMT patch!

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