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    Bro, I'm at 70 issues at all. Except for when a better patch comes out and it either conflicts with another patch or I have to remove it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jp22382 View Post
    66 patches, mash up of 2 themes, different kernel... phone works like a champ.

    I don't think I could stand to use a stock webos phone at this point.
    me neither, when I last doctor'd my phone, I almost was shocked how weak the phone can be running stock. Patches kept me a Pre customer
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    I really wanna know what you cats are doing with 100 plus patches. Don't get me wrong I've got 40ish give or take depending on my mood and change my theme every few weeks. Also running Uber w/ compcache and govnah.

    I just can't imagine getting 100+ patches I actually want. There are a few I think about, but all in all I could MAYBE add 10 to 20. I have added and removed some patches like more snooze options for calendar, I loved the idea but found that if I wasn't paying attention I would easily snooze something for much longer than I needed too and risk forgetting (I use my calendar for a lot of reminders and snooze stuff a lot both on my phone and on my EAS).

    Anyways, I know nobody is gonna take the time to list 100 patches, but every time I see someone say they are running that many I can't even imagine needing that many patches.
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    Im at 27, often times i'll look for patches to add and i'll realize i really don't need them so why add them? a lot of people add patches just to add patches. But I agree without patches i'd be an android user for sure
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    Im at 27, often times i'll look for patches to add and i'll realize i really don't need them so why add them?
    Yeah I had been hovering in that high 20 - low 30 range for a while. I have slowly added a few the last month or 2 to get up over 40 (also having to remove some to get the functions of others).
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    I have five:

    1 - 4x4 icons (in launcher)
    2 - delete (email) from notifications
    3 - close (phone app) on hangup
    4 - bookmarks list button (web)
    5 - launch mode switcher on luna boot

    to me the first two are indispensable and the next two are just convenient.

    that last one is pointless right now, however, because I still can't get mode switcher to run!
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    Hi, my name is Sam, and I'm a patchaholic...

    Honestly, I always limit myself to less than 40... it's just an OCD thing for me. I like to keep close to stock, but also tweaked to my needs... I want a balance. I'm currently at 37 patches. I love patching and trying new stuff out... give it a shot! worst thing that could happen is you spend a half hour with webOS doctor and get your data back anyway. Explore! Enjoy!
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