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    I don't know if this is even possible, but I thought I'd ask.

    I'd like to have the speakerphone route through the sterero bluetooth if one is available, rather than to the actual speaker. This seems like it should be possible as just about every other sound source is able to go out the speaker or through bluetooth stereo.

    Is this even possible as a patch?
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    I think that is a function of the headset. I have a Jawbone icon and my music etc.. routes the headset when it is turned on. Someone else might say something different.
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    Request confuses me as well. Whether listening to muisic or on the phone the audio is routed to my A2DP stereo bluetoth headset.
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    I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I have a blackberry audio gateway that is A2DP only. It does not have a headset profile. I'd like, when it's in speakerphone mode, to have the phone call's audio go to the stereo output. And have the Pre use it's builtin microphone for hearing my voice.

    It's just like it's in speakerphone mode, but instead of sending the output to the speaker, send it to the A2DP output.

    Does that clear it up?
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