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    So I was reading the Pre vs. EVO article and Don made a good point. Don: I like the Pre notification scheme, but would like the ability to have notifications show up just on the small bottom row, rather than, by default, first showing up across the bottom 8th of the screen or so, which, yes, can disrupt what Iím doing at the time.

    Could anyone make a patch to do this? Having the small bar show up first, then the big bar when you tap on the notification icon. Also when you have two text messages from two different contacts, the notification bar shows you the newest one and puts a 2 next to it, so you know who one text is from but not the other. Maybe if this patch could give each text its own bar and just put the numbers next to it if it's multiple messages from the same contact? That would be awesome.
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    I'm a little confused about what you're asking for... Don't notifications already show up small first anyway? You have to tap the notification bar to expand them.
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