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    This patch allows you to set a background image for the launcher.

    You will need a .png image at /media/internal/scrim/applauncher.png

    So create a scrim folder (or use the one you already have for other patches) on your USB drive and place an image named "applauncher.png" in it.

    The size doesn't have to be the exact dimensions of your screen. It will resize to fit the screen and place black bars on the shorter side of the image.

    Hope you enjoy!

    (Oh, if you change images, you'll have to restart Luna to see the new image!)
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    Not compatible with my other launcher patches (colored launcher backgrounds) or the glass effect launcher patch. Shouldn't be a problem with 4x4, etc. Add/remove pages ok, too.
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    I'm getting an error during install. Is it because I have a theme installed (Black-Out Grunge)?
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    no, not your fault. download it again and try. had a typo in the patch.
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    works great, thanks!
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    I get the same error when trying to install this patch. WebOS packages log show error installing and notes: "if -R would succeed" Any ideas? Thanks.

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