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    When i put in an address into the location of the calender event, In order to bring it up in google maps I have to use the dropdown menu, This took me an hour to figure out and i bet lots of people don't know about it.

    so what I'm asking is if theres a way to make the side part with the little icon that actually looks like a compass able to launch a quick drop down menu with (show in Map and get directions) just like when click on reminders or repeat

    (side note) Is there anyway after searching google maps to take the address of the place and just copy paste into location of the calender? once i find a place I can not send the map to other people or share it within my calender, have to type it out letter by letter which is a huge pain in the ***

    Update 1 - why can't I copy/paste any text that's on my screen. This would make my life so much easier.....GRRR


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    Good idea about the compass icon. Another thing missing from google search is recent searches. It was there in palm OS and centro still have it.
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    So I'm still looking for a work around on getting address to places to copy/paste quickly without having to type it out all the time in the location area or even sending text/email.

    Anyway for me to search in googlemaps and then send my findings to someone else?

    Please help, I'm redoing my whole calender with Googlemaps in location and is taking forever. lol.

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