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    Can someone make up a patch that will extend the text tone time??? Whenever I get a text it rings like 2 or 3 seconds and that is just not too cool...I miss a lot of texts due to this feature..
    At least make the song play for like 10 seconds continuously??
    That would be awesome, I know there is a repeat notification, but that is just totally different context....I mean just keep playing the song not just repeat the same parts over and over, just make a tone last a bit longer then the 3 max seconds I get on my pixi....
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    I can extend the notification sound to 10 minutes, but once the notification sound is activated there is no way to stop it until it finishes. So a 10 second sound clip will play til it ends.
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    lol that would suck in a place that needs silence and you cant turn it off lol funny
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Really??? Yeah ten seconds is fine I would appreciate that so much, and shadavis ha ha that would be funny, but I just hit the side button and put on vibe when in a place that requires silence...but yeah would be bad for that person
    Now Abyssul....
    Would I be able to look at the message or not do anything for the full 10 seconds though?
    I don't care if it continuously plays, but my other phone and most all my cells played at least like 5 seconds and then when I went to read the text the music stopped when I hit a key, so this one will make it play while I read the text message?
    Just wondering...if I got that right?
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    Yep correct. You would be able to do anything like normal while it played.

    Edit: Test this. Should extend the notification tone time limit to a minute instead of the default 5 seconds.
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    Sounds extremely good, but how do I get it onto my phone, I am used to just getting stuff from preware?? Do I just click and drag it into the quick install and download it that way?? I am going to work on trying to get it into my phone today...I am not exactly the BEST when it comes to all this technical stuff...I was amazed I got preware installed on my phone as easy as I did!!
    You rock though man!!
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    Download the patch and use WebOS Quick Install to install it.
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    hey man, i just had a few minutes to try and install this patch, but I get all kinda of error messages, error 5 and error 8 and something about GNU stuff. So I don't think I will be able to get it onto my I am not what you would call a PRO at this preware and patch stuff...maybe something will come about where i will actually be able to have a longer text tone, i just dont know how and I am so frustrated all I do is miss texts because mine surely does not play for the 5 seconds you said they do, mine is 2 1/2 seconds I timed it. Really stinks! Thanks for trying though man!
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    Ok so I guess it DID indeed install on my phone regardless of the error messages because now the texts are coming through REALLY long (ha ha) which I like way better then REALLY short, but I didn't know if there was any kind of tweaking at all that still could be made to this app, such as. When you do actually pick up your phone and READ the message that the sound could THEN shut off cuz it does play continuously for that whole minute and it would be mad cool if you could just get it so that it would STOP playing once you actually grab your phone and read the message or maybe just make it like 30 seconds instead of the full 60 seconds??? Either or would make this the best patch ever in MY opinion as it has helped me already not miss quite a few texts today.
    Let me know if you could tweak it out a little bit, by doing either of the above mentioned.....Hope to hear from you soon.
    Out of work right now, BUT I will get you a donation if you can fix that last part of this patch???
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    If you want the notification tone to be limited to 30 seconds, why don't you just use an audio editor program on the PC to crop out a 30 second clip. One good program is Audacity.

    It's probably possible to implement the first part of your request about the tone being shut off when you deal with the notification message, but I wouldn't know how. Seems like something up for Jason or another high-end developer.

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    Hey well I am sure I could crop a song to 30 seconds as you said, but then I would have no clue how to get it to work with the link you sent me, so I guess I will just leave it at the minute, it is way better then it was!!
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    The link is a donation website for WebOS Internals.

    If you don't know how to crop to 30 seconds, then I can do it for you. Just send me the file via private message and tell me where to crop it.
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    Does this work for phone calls or only texts?
    Laissez Faire
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    Any notification tone. Ringtones have no limit as far as I know.

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