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    first of all i know there is a thread for sms-tone-per-contact already but this question is about more than just that patch. ever since the upgrade to 1.4.1 i have not been able update the patch, the other thread shows a couple fixes including the repair utility and so on. my first question is...other than using root access to enter 40 lines of code, is there a way to delete just the one patch (preware gets an error when removing)....or is there a patch that can save my other patches in memory or something so that after running the repair utility i dont have to go one by one looking for and reinstalling all my patches? second question phone has been running kinda slow lately even with the overclock patch (which never really seemed to make a difference for least in my case) maybe doctoring it the best route to take to start fresh considering my first problem also? i want to fix both issues so i guess i just need to know the best way. i'm with srpint running overclocked to 800. thanks in advance
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    Not sure about your patch problem, but read here regarding restoring after a visit to the doctor.
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    do u know if using save/restore to back everything up would save the error that i'm getting with sms-tone-per-contact? cuz if so thats something i'm trying to avoid
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    If sms-tone-per-contact is still in your saved package list simply swipe it to delete it, which will resave your saved package list, perform a save in save/restore, then copy the saverestore folder from the usb drive to your pc prior to doctoring.
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