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    hi, I'm looking for some simple but detailed instructions on how to install mobile hot spot & freetetherd on my palm pre. I'm using mac 10.5.6. I downloaded the mhs app but all the links for freetetherd seem to be disabled. All help would be very appreciated.
    I've downloaded mytether for mac os and it won't even install on my pre for some reason. When I get to the 3rd check mark on the install process I get the message " your palm pre is not connected to the internet". I've followed all the instructions many times and I cannot get it to install. So I pretty much give up, now I'm gonna try the mhs. If anyone can help that would be great. Thx in advance.
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    Phillysdon04 I downloaded the zip package but I can't unzip it. When I try to unzip the file changes to ' ' . Do you have any other links? I don't know if that zip file is working, or maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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    Download the two files from here:
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    Amazing. didnt know this existed. Installing now.

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