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    I posted this again as I don't believe I had the right I browsed the site more people requesting patches had (request patch) so I figured I would give it a try and maybe get a better response of people reading it this way...
    Someone should truly look into making a patch that will extend your TEXT tone TIME, now when I get a text it only goes off for maybe 2 or 3 seconds MAX and I miss loads of texts due to this downside of texting with the Pixi.
    The phone call time is great obviously, but texting needs a LONGER ring tone when a text comes through, can someone PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE try and make one of these?????
    My cheap LG Rumor I just traded in for this phone and all my other sprint phones had tones of at least 10 seconds or so....I think a LOT of people would actually download this patch I have seen other ppl saying it is a very short notification when a texts comes through on other sites and here too I believe....
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    Have you tried messaging notification repeat patch

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