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    Ok with the upcoming update will the Super Prekernal won't be able to use anymore correct?? I've been going back and forth on going to uberkernal but super prekernal is doing the job for me even with the risks. Also will uberkernal be able to used some after the '1.4.5' update? This phone is crazy good even with some hardware issues and being a year old (still have launch day phone). I'm really spoiled by the kernals and don't really want to go back to stock speeds even for better games (i think the 500mhz will kill your joy fast). my question is unistall Super Prekernal before update? Will Super Prekernal be done after the update? Will uberkernal be ready after update?
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    compcache kernel 104 is by far the best kernel out,i have used them all, and SPK & UK I still have if I need, they are great, but a lot of TMC errors with both of them, the latest compcache 104 is scalable from 125MHz - 800MHz with all govenors available. And its the most stable IMO, I can have 3 3D games,email, preware, plus 6 other apps open before getting TMC
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    Cool. Glad to hear I have an option after Super Prekernal since they are not supporting it anymore. What about after the you think one of the supported kernals will work or will it be a wait until they verify the kernal is stable (i guess that's correct techy lingo). I'm just afraid of going back to TMC and slow app loading. Also do you think there will be better performance upgrades that will make the 500mhz seem faster?

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