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    I didn't find this scenario posted, so I thought I'd just write up my experiences while they were fresh in mind. If you can point me to an existing thread on this, all the better...

    The Crash

    The last time I did a Luna restart, I came back to my phone with this message: "You have been logged out of your Palm Profile" with options to Restart or Erase All Data. I hit Restart and panicked a little.

    As I restarted I mused on what may have triggered this. Other than a recent batch of Preware updates, the only change that may have affected my Palm profile was changing the email address for receipts in the app catalog.

    I was then taken through the "new phone setup" screens, with the opportunity to reconnect with my existing profile, which I gratefully did. Various services synchronized, and when it was done I was left with my Palm Profile data, paid apps, and little else save for an intact USB partition. Curiously, most patches appeared to be intact except those for the Launcher.


    I decided to hold off on running webOSDoctor.jar at this point and instead ran webOSQuickInstall.jar to reload Preware. Preware loaded, the first thing I did was to install Pre Backup Utility and run a restore from a two-day old backup I had on the USB partition. This seemed to recover most missing application data (whew!) so big thanks to DrewPre for this lifeline.

    Even though almost all patches appeared to be intact, Preware had me listed as having no patches installed. Simply to get them re-listed, I went through and reinstalled them all, each time getting the message "Interestingly, this patch appears to already be applied." I also had to install a few missing homebrew apps and their supporting services, and I had to regenerate my SSH keys to enable FTP access.

    After a couple of restarts and minor tweaking of some patch-related and system settings, everything appears to be back to normal. Needless to say, my first post-recovery action was to run the Pre Backup Utility and take a new backup.


    Ok, so what happened? Is this just a random case of "mess with it enough and you'll break it", or is there something specific I should avoid doing?

    Should I have doctored instead of trying to "sync up" my patches?

    Are there any other preventive measures I could've taken, other than backing up more often? Are there additional backup tools I should be using?

    Been there, done that? I'd appreciate any tips, pointers, or admonitions. Thanks!
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    Somehow the phone did a partial erase. There has been a few threads on this recently and have all been for various reasons, I wounder if there is a bug somewhere.
    Anyway for the patches you could have run emergency patch installer from preware.
    I think your ok to not have doctored nut if you have any problem in the next week then you should try a doctor.

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