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    Whether to remove patches before the next webOS update, or see how things go with AUPT.
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    I recommend trying the aupt out. It has been perfect for me for the last two updates, had no glitches at all. It just did what it was supposed to.
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    I'm going to remove all of mine. AUPT didn't work the last two times for me. Several of my patches wouldn't update or remove after the updates, so I ended up having to run EPR to remove all my patches. So I'm going to skip the steps of going through and trying to update all my patches, finding out they won't update, then having to run EPR anyway. But I have 80+ patches with a few that are depend on others, so depending on the patches you have it might work just fine for you....
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    last time bunch of people impatienly went nuts saying there patches would not update,when infact it was just people being impatient. The next day all was fine. Did not tke them out last time,,wont this time. Aupt works just fine.
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    No reason to remove them before the update. Even if something squirrely happens, you can simply uninstall and reinstall the patch. It won't cause issues like they did before becoming AUPT. This isn't the first update to come around since the patches were changed to AUPT and everything worked great last time.

    As zmann said - last time there were a few patches that weren't updated right away, so they simply stayed inactive until the update became available (a day or two delay). Very smooth and no issues.
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    I agree with what zmann and HelloNNNewman are saying about some patches didn't update immediately, however I had a few patches, such as named pages in app launcher (that wouldn't update or remove) that everyone that had this patch had to run EPR in order to get it to work again. I also have changed alot of images on my phone via the send to device option in WOSQI. In WOSQI 3.12 I couldn't change the images back to my custom images until after all my patches were updated; however, since some of my patches would not update (namely named pages in app launcher) I was locked out of WOSQI.

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