I have the additional options of weekends, weekdays and each day of the week etc.

But it would be nice however if multiple unrelated days could be selected within an alarm setting such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday for one alarm and Tuesday and Thursday for another. And doing this without adding every possible scenario to the current drop down. Maybe with a selection box next to those days you want or something. I know I could have a different alarm for each day but this just doesn't seem like the best possible solution.

For example I get up on Thursday about 45 minutes earlier than the other days to go to a civic org meeting. On those days if I forget to turn off the normal alarm it goes off while I'm in the shower and wakes everyone up. Under the current system I would need one alarm for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for Wednesday and one for Friday all with the same alarm time and then another with a different time setting for Thursday. So instead of 5 alarms I would rather have 2.

Anyone have any ideas for a fix.