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    This patch eliminates the pop-up notification after you hit the snooze button on a calendar reminder that states "Snoozed for 5 minutes". Allowing you to move on with your work and not wait for it to clear.

    This patch is compatible with Lclarkjr's Snooze Duration patch.

    I have submitted this to Preware.

    UPDATE 11/21/2010
    added updated patch for webos 2.0.1
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    Nice touch. That always did bug me.. .

    I have to wait on PW to approve it before I give it a try. :/
    Everybody wants some!..
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    I can't tell you how happy this patch makes me.
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    I just noticed this patch today. It's very useful.

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    Not trying to troll here, just wanted to say that this is also built into the UberCalendar patch.
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    This patch works great 4 my Palm Pre 2 with webOS 2.2.4!!!

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